Acura B1008: MICU Lost Communication With Gauge Control Module (A/T Message)

Is your scanner showing Acura B1008?
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Acura B1008: MICU Lost Communication With Gauge Control Module (A/T Message)

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What Does The Acura B1008 Code Mean?

Communication between the MICU and Gauge Control Module

NOTE: If you are troubleshooting multiple DTCs, be sure to follow the instructions in B-CAN System Diagnosis Test Mode A.

What Are The Potential Causes Of The Acura B1008 Code?

  • Faulty battery or charging system
  • Loose or poor connections between the MICU and gauge control module
  • “Open” in the communication circuit between the MICU and the gauge control module
  • Faulty MICU
  • Faulty gauge control module

Recommended Parts

Below are some recommended auto parts to help you address the trouble code affecting your vehicle and get it running smoothly again:

>>> WORKPRO 582-piece Crimp Terminals, Wire Connectors, Heat Shrink Tube, Electrical Repair Kit
>>> Battery
>>> Acura Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box
>>> Acura Gauge Control Module

Note: During the purchasing process, please check carefully whether the part you want to buy fits your car!

Reference Sources

Accessories & Equipment Multiplex Integrated Control System Service Manual for B1008 – 2004 Acura TSX, page 42.

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