GMC U1161: Loss of PDM Serial Data

Is your scanner showing GMC U1161?
No worries. We'll show you what it means and how to deal with it.

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GMC U1161: Loss of PDM Serial Data

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What Does The GMC U1161 Code Mean?

Voltage supplied to the module is in the normal operating voltage range of 9-16 volts. Diagnostic trouble codes U1300, U1301 and U1305 do not have a current status.

  • Use the DTC Descriptor list above to determine the module which is not communicating.
  • Some modules may not have internal protection for specific voltage outputs and may open a battery positive voltage or ignition voltage source fuse.

Recommended Parts

Below are some recommended auto parts to help you address the trouble code affecting your vehicle and get it running smoothly again:

>>> WORKPRO 582-piece Crimp Terminals, Wire Connectors, Heat Shrink Tube, Electrical Repair Kit
>>> INNOVA 5210

Note: During the purchasing process, please check carefully whether the part you want to buy fits your car!

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