P0882: TCM Power Input Signal Low

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P0882: TCM Power Input Signal Low

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What Does The P0882 Code Mean?

If your vehicle has stored a code P0882, accompanied by a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) and/or a TCM (transmission control module) lamp, it means that the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected a low voltage condition in the TCM power input circuit.

While some transmission control modules (for OBD-II equipped vehicles) are integrated into the PCM, most are stand-alone components. TCM related codes are stored as P-codes, B-codes, or even U-codes, depending on vehicle make and model. If a P0882 code is stored, there is a good chance that there are other PCM and/or TCM codes stored as well. Antilock braking system (ABS) codes may be stored, as well.

Electronic transmission control systems in OBD-II equipped vehicles are controlled using a network of computers (called control modules). This involves constant communication between the various control modules via the controller area network (CAN).

The CAN is a complex system of wiring and connectors that is utilized to transmit data between the TCM and the PCM. Data (including stored codes) may also be shared with other controllers via the CAN. Transmission input and output speed (RPM), vehicle speed, and wheel speed are all shared between multiple controllers.

This data is not only used for comparison in electronic traction control systems, but anti-lock braking systems and electronic stability control systems as well.

The PCM utilizes input signals from multiple engine and transmission sensors to calculate automatic transmission shift strategy. A high-pressure pump (inside the transmission) forces fluid through the valve body and into the sprag assembly; in addition to lubricating and cooling the transmission.

The high-pressure fluid allows the clutches to separate from the sprag momentarily so that the gear ratio may be changed smoothly. One or more electronic pressure control (EPC) solenoids help to regulate fluid pressure. Electronic pressure (EP) sensors provide the PCM with pertinent data regarding fluid pressure at various points in the transmission.

Electronic shift solenoids are used to interrupt the flow of high-pressure fluid so that the transmission shifts gears when commanded. The PCM uses voltage input signals from the transmission input speed sensor and transmission output speed sensor to determine if the transmission is shifting efficiently.

As with many other automatic transmission malfunctions, a transmission control system code may be caused by either an electrical or mechanical failure. If the PCM detects a malfunction, MIL illumination should occur and a code P0882 will be stored.

P0882 wiring diagram

P0882 wiring diagram

What Are The Symptoms Of The P0882 Code?

Symptoms of a P0882 trouble code may include:

  • Electronic traction control disabled
  • Erratic transmission shift patterns
  • Failure of the transmission to shift
  • Other related codes
  • ABS disabled

What Are The Potential Causes Of The P0882 Code?

Causes for this code may include:

  • Bad relay or blown fuse (fusible link)
  • Vehicle speed sensor failure
  • Open or shorted circuits in the CAN
  • Mechanical transmission failure
  • Defective TCM, PCM, or programming error

How Serious Is This P0882 Code?

If this code is stored, you may have noticed that your transmission shifts much more harshly than normal. If your vehicle has exhibited a code P0882 , it should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

How Can You Fix The P0882 Code?


You will need a diagnostic scanner, a digital volt/ohmmeter (DVOM), and a source of reliable vehicle information in order to accurately diagnose a code P0882 An oscilloscope can also prove very helpful in diagnosing various speed sensors.

You may save yourself time by searching for technical service bulletins (TSB) that replicate the code stored, vehicle (year, make, model, and engine), and symptoms exhibited. This information may be found in your vehicle information source. If you find the right TSB, it could yield a speedy solution to your diagnosis.

Step 1

After you connect the scanner to the vehicle diagnostic port and retrieve all stored codes and pertinent freeze frame data, write the information down (in case the code proves to be an intermittent one). After that, clear the codes and test drive the vehicle until one of two things happens; the code is restored or the PCM enters readiness mode.

The code may be more difficult to diagnose if the PCM enters readiness mode at this point, because the code is intermittent. The condition which caused the P0882 to be stored may need to worsen before an accurate diagnosis can be made. If the code is restored, continue with the diagnosis.

Step 2

You may obtain connector face views, connector pinout charts, component locator charts, wiring diagrams, and diagnostic flow charts (pertaining to the code and vehicle in question) using your source of vehicle information.

Perform a visual inspection of related wiring and connectors. Repair or replace wiring that has been cut, burned, or damaged.

Use the DVOM to test voltage and ground circuits at the TCM and/or PCM. If no voltage is detected, check system fuses. Replace blown or otherwise defective fuses as required and retest.

Step 3

If voltage and ground are detected at the TCM, test the corresponding circuit at the PCM connector. If no voltage is detected there, suspect an open circuit between the component in question and the PCM. If voltage is discovered there, suspect a defective TCM. PCM, or a programming error.

Additional note:

  • The P0882 is usually stored because of a defective contact relay

Recommended Parts

Below are some recommended auto parts to help you address the trouble code affecting your vehicle and get it running smoothly again:

>>> 12V Auto Waterproof Fuse Relay Box Block Kit
>>> 2Pcs Multi-Purpose Relay Fuel Pump Relay
>>> Vehicle Transmission Speed Sensor
>>> Twippo 372Pcs Waterproof Wire Connectors Kit
>>> Transmission Parts
>>> TCM
>>> INNOVA 5210
>>> KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter

Note: During the purchasing process, please check carefully whether the part you want to buy fits your car!

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