Saab U1041: Loss of Electronic Brake Controller Communication

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Saab U1041: Loss of Electronic Brake Controller Communication

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What Does The Saab U1041 Code Mean?

Key on or engine running; and a module detected that it could not communicate with the EBCM controller for 1 second. Modules connected to the Class 2 circuit monitor for data communications during normal vehicle operation. Operating information and commands are exchanged among the modules. When a module receives a message for a critical operating parameter, the module records the identification number of the module that sent the message for State of Health monitoring (Node Alive messages).

Once a module learns an identification number, it will monitor for that module’s Node Alive message. Each module on the Class 2 circuit that is powered and performing functions that require detection of a communications malfunction is required to send a Node Alive message every two seconds. When no message is detected from a learned identification number for five seconds, a DTC U1xxx (XXX is equal to the 3-digit identification number) is set.

What Are The Potential Causes Of The Saab U1041 Code?

  • Check for a loose connection at the EBCM (module)
  • Test the main power and ground circuits to the EBCM (module)
  • Check the Class 2 serial data circuit to the EBCM (module)
  • EBCM (module) may have failed

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